Advantages with AnalytiXR

Practical interfaces

Do not rely on human only, millions of data is not possible to process without error. Collectwiser’s explainable AI algorithms generates actionable insights that a human cannot identify.

Protecting company's budget

Software fee protects company's budget for your business to develop much better than past.

Privacy is safe with us

Protect your privacy! You can upload your datas and investigate results on your own with AnalytiXR licence

Saving on time

Cluster data easily and saves time.


Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Amozon Web Services

Use Cases

Customer Scoring

It scores and sorts your customers according to various criteria.

Customer Satisfaction

It produces the emotional analysis of your customers.

Customer Churn

It finds customers with a high potential of leaving the company of your products.

Employee Scoring

It scores and sorts your employee according to various criteria..

Employee Satisfaction

It produces the emotional analysis of your employee.

Employee Churn

It finds employees with a high potential of quitting the job.


Package 1

Download and use/Install and use package:

Only the montly license fee is paid and the application can be downloaded and used on the data or the data can be uploaded on the web and the application can be used.

Monthly license fee: $ 150

Package 2

Package 1 + Installation package:

Our specialist friend installs customized packages for your company. The installation is usually completed in 1 day and a fee of $ 300 is charged. There may be additional delays in installation in complicated situations. It is expected that the permission to access your data and the technical details have been specified during installation.

Package 2 total fee: $ 50 per year license + $ 300 per day installation fee.

Package 3

Customized development:

In this packet, specific problems are identified for you and customized statistical and machine learning models are developed. The results are produced specifically for you and the error rates are much lower. In addition, many problems that your business has can be solved during this time.

You can get pricing information for Package 3 by communicating with us.

Safety and Security

Is my information secure?

  • AnalytiXR is a product of Optiwisdom Inc. which is a U.S. company with world wide partners such as Bilkav, our main technologic developer partner.
  • Your connection is secured under SSL certificate.
  • Our data centers are monitored 24/7 internal and external cameras.
  • We clearly outline our policies on government requests.
  • We also provide on-premise installation.

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